How to Join

NPHC recruitment is held at different times throughout the year and is hosted by each fraternity or sorority. Many NPHC organizations require that you prove yourself academically by completing one or two years of school before you can participate in Intake. Additionally, each recruit must attend an overall NPHC intake information session held during each semester.


How to Participate in Intake

Each affiliate organization implements the guidelines and details of its own membership intake process, so the lengths of the specific programs vary.

  1. Attend programs an activities to get to know the chapter as a whole and members on an individual basis
  2. Attend an NPHC Informational
  3. Attend the Informational/Interest Meeting/Rush Activity for the individual organization
  4. Apply to the organization
  5. Meet organization requirements and receive an acceptance letter

 Basic Requirements for Joining any NPHC Organization:

  • Must be a full-time student (enrolled in at least 12 hours in fall/spring semester)
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA (though most organizations require at least a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A.)



Intake DO’s and DON’Ts


  • ask questions
    • What is the GPA requirement?
    • What community service activities is your chapter involved with?
    • What other organizations are your members involved in?
    • What is the time commitment during the membership intake process?
    • What type of time commitment is involved as a member?
  • your research
    • Look at the National and chapter websites to learn about the organizations.
    • Be open minded–organizations vary from campus to campus.
  • attend and participate in Greek Events
    • Weeks, Community Service projects, Greek Shows
  • get involved on campus
    • Potential members are more attractive to Greek organizations when they are actively involved in campus life.
  • be discreet
    • You should not disclose your interest in a particular organization until organizations hold interest meetings.


  • do the organization’s hand sign or call
  • disrespect members of any organizations. If you have a question about a specific organization, ask a member of that organization.
  • stereotype fraternities and sororities by what you hear.
  • get carried away and get yourself into trouble. Being on disciplinary probation will prohibit you from joining a Greek organization.
  • ask a member of a Greek organization who is a part of their membership intake class.